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the bank undertakes larger risk

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2 kinds is to manage finance product mode, in fact half super P2s Ps are adopting this kind of mode, the opaque funds pond also lets the public opinion push it towardshadow bank.The P2 P platform packs a set of loan standardize a product to sell to investor, product and object consequently different 1 rightness should, P2 Ps in fact did type bank operation and earninged benefit bad, counteract a wrong way for going together with of term short melt long the hurl carry out Gao liquidity.Under this kind of mode, I once listenned to a personage took charge of a layer in the Hu analyze, the investor looked not to need to be born some one list object credit risk in the market of the bad Zhang, but in fact wanted to bear the whole sex risk of the P2 P platform mobility bad dead.The platform gets involved to trade as a result undertook reputationnike zoom kd vi online and liquidity dual risk, this was to take charge of of sorrow.Have the bank this P2 Ps of the function, but don't need to bear each mobility management index sign of bank, include to stir to fully account to lift, reserve etc..In the P2 Ps of closing downs, the big part adopts this kind of mode.Even if there is risk, have to lift this kind of mode actually then the efficiency is very high, this P2 P is soon strong, also was born some breezes to control link over the hard and mobility in good shape profession tycoon.I listen to the business personage of this kind of P2 P mode once saying a kind of judgment:This P2 Ps BE shuffle cards, what end compares be three inner palace achievement:Bad Zhang rate, margin cost and development cost.the P2 P whole professionses face of problem be development not arrive the superior quality lend money customerInside achievement deep will become the professionbig guy.In fact interesting BE, this P2 Ps fear policy risk more and always feel one category of illegally raise capital of carelessly dropping into, therefore they win of some executives on the contrary expect be taken charge of recruit Anne, don't mind to take charge of to make reserve and stir to have standard according to the actual liquidity and the credit risk circumstance as well.However, this standard how settle still keep having been already paid attention to.The above-mentioned business personage said that the funds accounting to lift don't producenike lebron 11 for sale result, equal increment management cost, we only the cost is just low can more customers who let benefit.Talking the idea of bottom to listen to at me is wool is on the sheep body:Platform's conducting cost at last isn't an embodiment at borrow funds person's margin cost Be getting higher and is investor funds income Be getting lower.Being the third is a legal right alienation mode, is also deepening of the first mode, build up in the P2 P platform of similar the second class P2 P investor in the market can sell legal right to increase an investor mobility need.The P2 P platform is still Brings together to this, don't make personal guarantee certificate.White Paper or in May first draft pair long Liu Shi Yu in line of central bank said while accepting a medium interview last week, the Internet finance takes charge of rule this year set, the concretely a series of kit detailed regulations can expect.But I from a participated in financial White Paper P2 of Internet P the related part discuss of personage that hears, the White Paper internal topic set has already for 4, 5 timesed discuss, the rhythm by now, White Paper or in May first draft, formally announce to the society in June.The personage introduces to call, in the process of discussing, take charge of the aspectshould say of is central bank thatthe communication that pretty accepts the P2 P organizations of, also basic adopt to P2 P the different knife slice of way of thinking.Adding here is interesting, hear when seven Weis investigate, back has funds real strenght prop up of preparing and doing the P2 Ps type, the financing institution once suggestednike lebron 10 cheap and then tooked care of with the reserve way of thinking, just safe.However is so very quick, have no wealth atmosphere thick other P2 the Ps seek to take charge of a communication, chase profession of abundant sex complexity Dao drum 1 time.It is thus clear that, profession competition and game are still pretty vigorous.Say to return to positive.Central finance and economics university professor Guo Tian Yong also called before now, the local P2 P platform movement type was more diverse, connected currently

From manage structure to see

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The capital directly and indirectly holds to be up to 70%.But, these the folks is three of financing institution with real of the run by private capital bank still exist a bigger margin.Chinese people's university weighs a financial institute for research of sun guest researcher, Dong Xi Miao, think, real of the run by private capital bank should have three characteristics:See from the ownership of a share structure, the main shareholder is private enterprise and natural person, is had by the civil capital to control a position;See from the property organization, main provide funds support kimono for the private enterprise and personal customer duty;From manage structure to see, is started by the private enterprise, according to the mechanism independence operation in market.Chien but speech it is San-min:The people supports, people Qi, run kobe 8 elite cheap by private capital.The run by private capital bank wants to want to attain above-mentionedSan-min and also needs two important policy support:On being the interest rate market of real meaning to turn, mainly is a deposit rate market to turn, this will lay important foundation for the independent management of the run by private capital bank;Two is to deposit insurance system, this wills make the run by private capital bank acquire more public trust and also is advantageous to the benefits that protects depositor.Lack these two policies, the run by private capital bank is large-scale to spread the possibility for opening isn't big.The traditional financial system that the biggest challenge that the run by private capital bank faces still lies in how to should come to a deadlock to China.The reform opens Put, Chinese financial industry regardless reforms in the system, the still financial business enterprise internal structure manages up all obtain very great achievement.But, because of the whole financial system for example interest rate control, financial capital allocation control, financial business enterprise deluxe manager non- market's turning reasons like choice,etc still don't completely escape from the old rut of planned economy.Direct result of resulting in BE, financial capital resources the allocation is seriously unjust, allocation the efficiency is very lowly, install risk very of big.If the financial system of Chinese tradition not carry on thorough nike lebron 10 for sale exhaustive reform, so for funds need square to speak, establish run by private capital bank, most is just many a margin outlet, the value of the run by private capital bank greatly gives discount.The only financial system reforms to certain extent, the price signal truely can reflect supply relation in the market, just may appear real run by private capital bank.But on the other hand, if the financial system carries on a market and turns reform, it will make some medium small banks face huge existence and development pressure again.But the civil capital holder may not acquaint with to the operation of bank, at risk control up is also experience shortage.Therefore, the run by private capital bank of those real strenght shortage will face huge market risk.Criticize a people from participation head The business enterprise that the camp bank makes experiements to see, inside Ba Ba, and Teng Xunetc. have already set foot in the operation of Internet finance, the inside is small to lend, pay treasure, surplus amount treasure, tiny letter to payetc. have been already done the breeze living water to rise, let their backlog many financial operation experience.If these run by private capital bank can with Internet finance perfectly combine together, so will contribute to getting away from an existing financial system to come to a deadlock bureaucratic irregularity, even will become the breakthrough that the financial system reforms, bring for a bright and beautiful spring for the whole inside country financial industry.Someone says that the real magic power that the Ba lifts the friendship lies in self-indulgent night life and special feature nike lebron 11 men's freak.Have already massaged room as well and can appreciate musical coffee here certainly with bar, and numerous youths favor of night club.But the Ba lift the friendship only only have these?Of course not BE.The museums of beautiful sea beach, ancient tourist spot, vanguard all wait your patronage quietly on daytime.If you think that the all-directions understand Ba lifts the friendship, player Hui recommends of the Ba lift the friendship, 66 choices will take you get into a Ba that is stereoscopic to turn to lift friendship world.Ba's lifting friendship sea beach is a Ba to lift the friendship in the middle of 15 kilometer coast lines the sand quality is a finest and the most pure sea water, long about 3 kilometers.In addition to swim and sunlight

the list pen odd day tallestly transfer

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Bath outside, there is various aquatic sports of each kind on the sea beach, too, all day long all is a send noisy merriment of prospects.The north of the sea beach is quieter, have many beautiful sea beach hotels and spend a holiday village, suit hope is peaceful and serene to enjoy holidays of spend a holiday;The south then concentrates numerous small hotels, and various business and entertainment area of each kind in the restaurant, clothing store, bar, and night clubetc., suit like is noisy and stimulate of young man.Lift the friendship with Ba the sea beach compare, medium sea beach in the sky suit a visitor who like the calmness more.Equally there is aureate sunlight, soft of sandy beach and pure sea water, but medium sea beach in the sky keep off downtown, the entertainment area obviously lifts than the Ba friendship the sea beach nike zoom kd vi cheap is little many.If you want to peaceful and serenely appreciate sunset lovely view, winning sea beach in the sky is an undoubtedly better choice.The east guava park covers more than 1600 acres, is a gather an every kind of park artist in Thailand to create essence at the whole body of recreation and spend a holiday park.The program in the park mainly has folk performance, elephant performance and visit botanical garden of Thailand three big parts.The performer of folk song and dance is a village Zhai middleman, perform simple tunnel;What to draw on most visitors is an elephant to perform, the physical volume huge elephant cleverly kicks football, rides bike and paints and also use The elephant foot massages for visitor;The botanical garden regards arethusa as principle, the green spring onion in the park Long, scan widely to hope to go to all is an elegant scenery, the both sides still put some can sell of green plant.The truth temple is constructed by the pure black wood and the teak but becomes, make a show of person and world relation between the cosmoses and the consummate wood carving craft of Thailand.Design a style to regard the gaudiness style of traditional art style in Asia and Bangkok, Thailand dynasty as principle.Everyday inside the temple of the truth still has two dolphins to perform and also has already ridden a horse, takes a wagon tour and multiplies by speed boat to go to nearby gulf tour and visit to halt activities like the temple craftsmans model wood carving,etc.Yang Jie heard a news today, an old teachernike zoom soldier 6 for sale who taught in the new east for 12 years was forced to leave office-he is to teach Su in the new east Wei for 12 years-from 2002 the beginning of the years to the end of 2013 at lately eastern school front-line teaching post professor course, leave office to start a business on December 24, 2013.The new east is always called with high-pay Zhao of, Yang Jie afternoon telephone he chatted a short while and asked why does he make this decision.However sound a telephone that he does this to decide it's notdifficulties at all.Originally, teacher Su was greatly hate that made new east to arrive another network platform to prelect, very quick drive new eastplease Drink tea-want Yao to stop teaching lesson outside, the Yao walks.The result is easy, Su Wei chose a resignation.So why does he go to another platform?Originally nearer in the last years, the salary of new east is no longer sohigh pay in those early years.And before the teacher of new east's lining up lesson in the new east now isn't a lot of, income without can keep underground from declining.Su Wei says that is new due to competing pressure very greatly east for the sake of compress the cost haven't lifted a salary for teacher for several years-original high pay, have already degenerated now that type of lowest.Teacher Su is in fact just one of the teacher whombe requested by nike air penny 1 online the new east leaves office, a lot of teachers who taught for several years before nows all have been already left-and teacher Su is to see those teachers who leave are on the new network platform Zheng arrive big money just also decidedly leave:What they had has already recruited more than 1000 students on the network, 399 dollars for each student, how much is this ?About 400,000!So these 400,000 all return these teachers?It is said that before now didn't°yet the time of 100 education, these teachers are to open building teaching on the network platform.An again secretly investigate for a while, these money after shoulding be a student to call a teacher through a network platform, just can get hold of a

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